New home, new school, new life…

Helloooooo everybody!
Long time, no communicate. Sorry bout that. But things were amazing rebuilding life with the superhumans dad, then there are of course hiccups along the way. That was 8 months ago…
      Since then life has changed drastically. My daughter goes to a different elementary school that she is doing much better in, and Keegan is still attending the most amazing autism school in the area, Center for Spectrum Services. We live only a few minutes from my job which is a blessing, and now I get respite care and actually am allowed to spend some time on my own, or on a “date night” with my daughter. All things are looking up, and just as autism awareness month rolls around. I’m sad I have taken this much time before blogging again, but as autism parents know, sometimes life and other sh*t happens and all we can do is pray for a happy and safe landing.



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