School’s in!

Well needless to say my family has survived the move 3 blocks down the road! We were able to settle into our new home, and put a 6 ft high Stockdale fence around the back yard so we have been safely playing all summer! It has been great, and then school started for not only my daughter, going into 2nd grade, but my 2 year old Keegerbutt has started pre school as well. He goes to a special needs school, he takes the bus and everything. He LOVES it! Even on the weekend he wears his backpack around the house waiting for the bus, and it is heartwarming. I know it has been nerve wracking, getting my little guy ready for the bus ride to school for the first time, but it has been a blessing because Keegan has been so happy since he started school. I cannot wait to meet the wonderful staff that fills my Keegerbutt’s days with love, because he is always so happy because there are so many people that adore him, just like me


Keegan and his Daddy, last days of summer


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