Long time, no post…

I went on my blog today and noticed one of my ranting posts never made it onto my page, and thought since I posted that one so late, I should post another one. Since then many good things have happened, like Keegan is all set to start school at Center for Spectrum Services, which is a school specifically tailored for people on the spectrum. He starts in September,  and I’m relieved to say I didn’t have a fight for that. Dad( meaning My humans’ dad), has become a very big part in our lives once again, at a slow and steady pace as to insure the little humans feelings. Besides me frying my hair, everything has been positive for the kids. Recently a young man who attended high school were I work was killed in combat, in Afghanistan. He was only 24. I couldn’t imagine what that would feel like as a parent, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family. So sad when a family goes through something so devastating. Our entire community pulled together to show the family how much we appreciated him, and how sad we were for their loss. With that, I’m going to put the blog away and spend time with my bathed and sleepy favey humans ♡


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