Just like my autistic son, my family isn’t broken either

After I mentioned in one of my posts about not experiencing pure ignorance directly, I was hit a few times with it yesterday. Starting at the bank, the women on the phone says,” oh it’s ok if you bring your son, he will be fine here.”
Well just as I suspected it wasn’t ok, because Keegan wanted to climb down the stairs head first into a line of 5 people. He wasn’t worried about the people in his way. The woman I spoke to was very nice but when I mentioned the big A- word all she kept saying was how sorry she was. I know ignorance doesn’t know, but I wanted to yell. Then I look at those people standing on line, now staring at my son and I. Again, did they not get the memo?
   The numbers are now 1 in every 68 kids are diagnosed with some form of autism spectrum disorder. 68! That’s another impressive jump from 2012. But let’s start counting the numbers of ignorance in our society, I would love to hear those numbers on the radio in the morning.
     “1 in 68 kids are autistic, BUT 1 in every 12 individuals are ignorant. Who really lives in society today and have no idea about autism???Seriously people, you just plain look uneducated.”

When they decide to make that radio commercial, sign me up, it would be fun to do   🙂
Here is another thing I hear a lot of, being a single mom of two kids, one of which has autism.
“Wow how do you do it by yourself? That’s terrible I’m sorry.”
That’s terrible? What’s terrible? That my son has autism or that I’m alone? Let’s set the record straight: my son is the coolest kid walking and non – verbally communicating, and being a single mom is tough for anyone, not just an autism mom. So I force myself to believe that people just really have no idea, and not that they are pure idiots. A single mom with two kids, typical or not, has a tough and rewarding job. But I’m no superhero. I can go from sleeping to not sleeping in a single screech but that could be my only super power.  My kids are super heroes and neither of them need fixing. My 2 year old son has moderate Autism and has always had it. I love him unconditionally, screechy or not. Talking or not, stimming or not. My 6 year old daughter has the patience of a saint and isn’t quite sure how to handle her brother, but when he interacts and hugs her, you would think she just won a prize, and she kinda did.
There is ignorance everywhere sadly, it is the most annoying disease out there. Some have it because they don’t know, when some choose to live in it. So I choose to be ignorant about ignorant people. Like they aren’t standing and staring at all. They do not exsist. My guess we will wipe out the population if we continue to ignore them. What’s important for people to know about me and my family:
1. Not all kids that are loud are unhappy
2. Not all kids that are silent are unhappy
3. Just because someone’s child is loud OR silent, does NOT mean that mom or dad is unhappy.


This is my happy KeegerButt 🙂


This is my happy Addy Pants 🙂


         This is a happy Autism Mom 🙂


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