Community Ties

Growing up, I lived in a small neighborhood called high falls park. My best friends lived in my neighborhood with me, and we never had any problems, ever. Now I’m a mom living in a neighborhood that I love with 2 kids who enjoy the park that is 2 blocks from our house. But their are people everywhere that still do not have any idea what Autism is, or what it could possibly look like. And that bothers me a great deal. I have never been personally affected by someone saying hurtful things to me regarding my son, except the one time that a women went out of her way to come into my line at shop rite to tell me I need to watch my son better. Really? Do people think doing this to others is ok? Well I dont, and I have been busying myself with big plans that could possibly help the Autism community a great deal, and just this morning I made a break through. I will go more in detail about once I meet with my parent group, because families of Autistic children is the community members I want to help, families like mine and my KeegerButt.  So their input is what makes it our breaks it. All I know is right now I have a family run business that offered to help me in getting my ideas off the ground, which is amazing and it warms my heart to know amazing people like this still exist in my community. I will write more later…


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