Thankful for my boring life

It’s been awhile since I have written, and it’s because I have been so busy…Being boring. Now that Keegan is all better, everything has returned to normal at our house. Even better than that, really. A friend and her daughter came for homemade pesto pizza at my house last night, and none of us got to bed before 11. I figured I would be dragging today, but I had a sound sleep all night, and the first time Keegan made a noise was when he crawled into my bed to snuggle at 8:45! I was amazed, and he has been a happy boy all day, laughing at everything. So even though there wasn’t anything spectacular happening, there wasn’t anything negative happening either and I am truly grateful for days like today. I sit sipping a glass of wine watching “Free Birds” with happy and calm humans getting snuggly in the couch and almost ready for bed. Life is good in this corner of the world.



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