Hallelujah! The fever broke!

Well the past week just about has been rough for my little humans and I. Keegan and I specifically. I had the brand new absolutely amazing baby sitter come by Friday to meet Keegan,  and sit for about an hour. He woke up when she arrived with a horrible cough and fever. So then we had 2 days no fever so I thought we were in the clear but then BOOM! A trip to the E. R. at 2am on Sunday due to a 103° fever. There seems to be a croupy cough and high fever sickness going around and my Keegan was hit head on. I have been out of work for 2 days now, which I won’t be paid for, since I have blown through all of my personal time with little human sicknesses. So I’m praying I don’t get the ax, since I’m the only one in the house working, certainly can’t have my 6 yr old get a job! So today was Keegan’s worse day, he slept all day and had a fever over 101 all day, until about 7 tonight! My goofy boy has returned thank goodness! He was dancing in his sisters room, a definite plus. I only hope he stays ok so that I may return to work. In the mean time I’m perfectly happy on my couch with my sicky- pie snuggling for the night. I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow 🙂




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