Team Super Keegan!


Well it is official! Team Super Keegan! Has been launched as a group on facebook! If you search for it, you can join and help be raise money for little humans just like my KeegerButt! I started making shirts but I don’t believe I will be able to afford to do them all myself, since I am tie dying them too(not the one with the color logo, that’s Keegans). I design and sell autism awareness shirts at my job every year, this year I designed Team Super Keegan shirts and the school shirts as well. I am multi- talented, I am!!! So if anyone would like to join Team Super Keegan you are more than welcome, just let me know if you will also be walking the day of the event. Or if you are joining and only donating to the cause that’s fine too! Then you can go to

There you can donate and mention your team Super Keegan! My goal is to raise $1,000 this year! We can do it! Good luck Team Super Keegan!


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