Baby you a song…


Tonight I did a lot of thinking about raising money for the best humans in the world, like my human 🙂
   I am in the process of getting together “Team Super Keegan” for the Hudson Valley Walk for Autism that will be held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY on April 27th. Also making something that people will hopefully see all over the community to help neurotypical families understand a little better what autism families are about, what we do and how we do it. I have lots of ideas always,  and being a single mom I can’t always get my ideas out there. Time is always an issue, and so is funding. But I will figure something out, because it’s very important to me that kids like my son are accepted, and loved unconditionally. My son throws me challenges, sure, but I wouldn’t change him. Between him and my daughter, they are my heart and my reason for being a good person and working hard for what is right. So there are many things I have in the works for autism acceptance and awareness.
      I was trying to calm Keegan down in the docs office today while we were waiting for him to see Keegan for his croupy cough. The only thing that calmed him was my rendition of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise.” They are my humans & my favey! I sang and Keegan smiled and snuggled into me. I teared up, because this is one of the moments I live for. I turned my mp3 player on and continued to sing FGL.  He stayed calm as I sang. So I thankfully had my fancy phone ready when I sang after Keegan’s bath, and wanted to share it here first! My blog wont let me though, so follow my facebook link that’s listed below.  My only one wish for my video of my beautiful boy and quite scary mom who is lacking sleep is to reach FGL and maybe They would be so kind to sponsor team Super Keegan and raise money for Autism Acceptance! I know it’s long shot, but a girl can dream…


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