Semi-emotional about returning to work

Well this weather has absolutely killed me. Due to snow, I have been on a mini vacation since wednesday of last week. There are snow mountains all around my house from the plows and the snow blowers. My humans & I have been cooped up for what seems like forever and I have been hoping to return to work for the same amount of endless time. The only problem is even though my humans drive me a bit batty some times, mosy of the time when we are home together, I truly enjoyed the boring craziness. My daughter and I goofed and read books. My son was constantly staring into my eyes and giggling, which any parent to a child with autism knows how much that should be cherished. Not to mention he spoke actual words this weekend! Again, very big deal. Although Keegan is still young and there is a good chance that he is only a late talker, at the moment he is non- verbal. I am a parent who understands that sometimes kids with autism don’t talk at all, and its possible that KeegerButt could be one of those kids. But this weekend he told me “more” and followed it with “no, mama.” It was absolutely amazing and if I didn’t have the crazy amount of snow, it might not have happened. So although my job is a necessity to survive, I’m a little more antzy about not spending the time with my kids. They are my everything, and Idon’t want to miss anything ❤


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