Well today is another snow day, and tomorrow might be too. So I will be busy with my humans indoors for a few days. I have decided I need to put a lock on the refrigerator door though. Typically when Keegan finishes his breakfast, he opens the fridge door to find more blueberries and its always cute. But I forgot that Keegan thinks differently than my daughter did when she was 2 yrs old. I hid the blueberries so he idn’t eat them all, and instead of just closing the door and being bummed he tried the next closest thing in the fridge…the raw hamburger meat. He only took a tiny bite off his finger that he stuck in the meat, but it still worries me. When my daughter was that age she wouldn’t even consider the package of meat when looking for snacks, so I forgot and just figured Keegan would do the same and disregard it. But I learned my lesson today and now when I have raw meat thawing in the fridge I will keep it in a tupperware container. At least until I can put a locking mechanism on the fridge.


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