“It seems that for success in science & art, a dash of autism is essential” -My favey quote by Hans Asperger

Lucky 1 in 88
WelI I know that autism awareness month is in April, but this year bringing acceptance is very important to me. My son changes my day every day, and I want to show the world that being aware of his autism is useless if you do not accept that he may stim, flap, spin, rock, screech. He may also be non- verbal for most of his life, or talk way too much on a specific subject . But we shouldn’t be accepting of his way of learning and acting just because he is my baby boy. We should accept because it’s human. The acceptance and understanding of amazing kids like my son have come a long way, but we aren’t there yet. Not completely, but we are moving in the right direction. I plan on doing big things for autism awarness, I’m just not sure yet what I’m going to do. I have so many ideas, but all of them cost money which this single mama is sort of lacking in. but I do have many ideas, so many ideas! I will be designing a t- shirt for the high school that I work at just like every other year for the past 6-7 years. Last year was the best by far, but along with the t- shirt design for my job, I am also planning on shirts for my “walk for autism 2014” team. It is held at dutchess stadium in Rhinebeck, NY every year and this year we are going in large numbers( well, I hope we are, I haven’t even started gathering people since it is only February). I plan on starting the sketch for the shirt today since it will take a very long time, it is very detailed. Along with these more personal things I want to do for autism awareness/acceptance, I want to do something community- wide to bring awareness to everyday situations, for people who do not mean to sound nasty or ignorant, but maybe they really do not know anything about it. It is hard to believe that there are still people out there that have no clue, but thats the truth. It isn’t there fault they gawk at us when are child is stimming in the mall, or supermarket, or at the park. So in stead of getting angry, which is exhausting sometimes, I would rather do something that everyone in the community can benefit from. Not sure what yet, but I will figure something out.


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