Time with My Girls

ImageTonight after “Stimmy Mama” duties, both cherubs fell asleep early enough so that I may watch a movie that doesn’t involve cartoons or talking animals. Thankfully tonight from the local redbox I rented “Last Vegas,” you know the one with the 4 old men that go to Vegas because one is getting married? Well I absolutely loved it! And it was kid friendly just enough so that if Addy woke up while it was on, it wouldn’t do any damage. It was such a great movie, and it of course made me think of my girls and how becoming a mom makes it difficult to get those much needed nights with the besties. I can see my friends and I growing old and never growing up at least in the manor of always having each other. Tough times come and go, but true friends always find a way to stay true no matter what. I’m a mom every second of every day, but its okay to need time when you can hang you mom hat up for even just a few hours, and talk about stuff you cant when you have the humans. This past summer my best friend and I were in horrifically similarly sad situations, and could never go out. I was given an old patio set and viola! Patio season it became. Every Friday and Saturday even our daughters would play right inside were we could hear and see them, while my Keeger Butt slept next to the baby monitor. And there we sat at the patio set, in the driveway. It was magical. We even had a mascot, a plant I killed and kept to remind me to never buy another flippen plant because I kill them all. All spring and summer long we would shoot the breeze and spend time, and I wouldn’t change it in for anything. And all it was for us was being able to get away from the everyday trials and tribulations of diaper changing, homework, chore charts and special diets to ease aggression. I wanted to talk about obnoxious gossip about other people, the amazing weight loss that found me, and how I felt about having to move on. And then I wanted to talk about anything.That patio set saved my sanity and held quite a few times of uncontrollable laughter. The post doesn’t really have anything specific about it, except that maybe the winter is killing me and I need sunshine and patio time with my girls. I wouldn’t be a very good mother, or person for that matter, if it wasn’t for these like minded moms that totally get me…and still want to be seen in public with me. Cheers to you guys, and I cannot wait for the start of our shenanigans 🙂 


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