What’s important now


addy5 Well yesterday was the biggest snow storm we have had yet in my neck of the woods. And right after being stuck inside with the stomach bug for all of us. It was almost horrible. I still didn’t feel great and had a boat load of house work to do. But the kids were stir crazy. Crying over everything, even Keegan who isn’t like that at all. He is normally a content little man. So I said “screw it,” and did things with the kids instead. Like play in the snow! Only at my house, its a tad difficult since Keegan hates going outside in the snow, so I brought it to them! Dropped some clean snow on cookie sheets and they had fun for about 20 minutes! Keegan of course has my crazy curly hair, so I nicknamed him, “Naked Hairbag with mittens on,” for his picture 🙂 Haha, I love it! Then we did the shaving cream finger painting, and Keegan liked that too, so another activity to add to the short list for Keegerbutt.Addy and Keegan chased each other around the house for a while too, watching them play together is a great experience because I wasn’t always sure he would want to. He does often choose to be left alone, but more and more he seems to be choosing to be with me and Addy. Thats why I will always say screw the laundry and the dishes, I’m going to go play with my favey humans.


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