Hooray, another snow day!

Well I personally couldn’t be happier about he snow day for the school I work for. I will be losing a day from spring break, but I have been awake since 1:30 am. KeegerButt has some issues with sensory processing, and hasn’t started O.T.(occupational therapy) yet. So his sirt was scratchy and he had a belly ache, so we were up crying and kicking all night until 1:00 am. Then I was too upset and wound up to fall asleep. So needless to say I’m exhausted and wound have caused an accident going to work. So we are relaxing indoors all day since Keegan cannot handle going out in the snow. My daugher Addy Pants loves going in the snow, but sadly we need to wait until a trip to Nana’s house for it because Keegan refuses. So we are cooped in the house again for the 4th day in a row, and KeegerButt is now on “Stim- out overload.” Because of his sensory processing problems, he does what teachers and professionals call “self stimulatory behavior.” Keegan’s at the given moment is sitting in my rocking cair with me while throwing hi body back to be propelled forward while he screeches at ahigh pitched noise. Thankfully the stomach bug from hell has left the building, so things have returned to normal. Keegan sometimes sits with his weighted blanket, which helps many kids with sensory processing disorder, but he left it upstairs in his bed and quite frankly, I’m too tired to run upstairs and get it. In the middle of the night(or was it morning?) I yelled pretty loud and scared Keegan. It wasn’t directed at anyone, but both my children felt my upset. So naturally, now I’m upset! Sometimes being sick with the kids, special needs or typical alike, takes a lot out of a single mom. I don’t have anyone “tagging in,” to help out the sick kids, or just 5 minutes so Mamacan take a much deserved ad needed shower. So I lost it, and yelped louly into the air about being tired andgetting a grip, something like that. And after about 5 minutes of just sitting, staring at the TV and not actually seeing anything I took a deep breath. I picked Keegan up and help him for a minute. Thats when I realized his gas pain was upsetting, along with his scratchy shirt. Once I calmed down, he feel right asleep and slept until 7:30 this morning. I didn’t sleep at all, but I still feel better knowing that last night was horrible, and I made it through it with all limbs and children in tact. Thankfully my daughter is a smarty pants too, because this morning she wanted to make me feel better and said, ” Sorry Keegan isn’t sleeping Mama, but I love you and hope you feel better.” My lot in life is to have amazing kids, even if they are night owls.


One thought on “Hooray, another snow day!

  1. Jamie, you are an amazing mom! You have such strength inside you to be able to take care of yourself, Addy, and Keegan alone. Most people would not be able to do that. I love you and admire you for the wonderful woman you are. Keep your head up, stay strong, and times will get better! Xoxo

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