New Year, New Diagnosis

4Keegan2013 Hello out there! I’m very new to the blogging community, although I am not a “newbie” to the autism community. My name is Jamie, and I am a special education teaching assistant. I have worked with kids on the spectrum for over 13 years now, on all aspects of the spectrum and all different ages. I adorethe kids I work with, they are the most amazing group of kids I have ever met and they teach me new ways of viewing the world every day. But more personally, my life has changed just a tad since the end of last year.

My son, Keegan, was born on December 1st, 2011. He is only two years old, but he is the size of a 5 yr old. He is strong, he is funny and goofy, he is loving and affectionate, and he is and always has been one of the two greatest accomplishments I have ever given this world( of course, my daughter is the other one). I always new KeegerButt( pet name) was unique, maybe even a little bit different from other kids. Of course everyone told me, “No Jaim, he is just fine. it’s just his personality.” I knew he was fine, some people understood that, others didn’t. I thought he was autistic, not damaged goods or disease ridden. All of these things would of been hard to handle. A cancer diagnosis would be devistating, and I give my love and prayers to all families living that with their little one. My situation was very different, I just believed that my son had Autism Spectrum Disorder, because of somof his behaviors. I was prepared for this possibility.

On November 25th, 2013 Keegan had his appointment with who I have kindly nicknamed, “The autism whisperer.” Dr. Anthony Malone of CapCare Pediatrics is an amazing diagnostic Pediatrician based in Latham, NY. So my mother, Beverly, Keegan and myself went for the appt. Dr. Malone sat with Keegan and tried to play, interact, etc for about 15 min. While my mom took Keegan into the waiting room, Dr. Malone explained to me what he saw.

” Yes, it is autism so you were right mom. He is in the mild to moderate range, and I don’t feel you have anything to worry about. He will be ok. You two were made for each other, thats for sure.”

So Keegan has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder since November. But he is still my KeegerButt. His autism might make him learn or act differently, but I’m not sorry for his autism. I don’t feel sorry for myself because my son has autism. I’m proud to be the Mama to an amazing child who will change the world. He will change the way that people look at autistic people, it might even change how YOU look at it. Thats our goal here with my blog.

So I hope you aren’t offended by silly comments about how I barely know how to live, how I scrape my single Mama of two behind together just barely to make it to work. This is a journey for me, and I”m learning as I go. I hope someone will find help and friendship here. Thats what my humans and I are all about.


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