1st blogged *Miraculous Moment*


Today I thought was going to be another rough one for me and my favey humans. My KeegerButt and I have been sick with the stomach bug from hell, and now Little Ms. Sassy Pants( aka Addyson) has it as well. We are all pretty weak and miserable, but since there is another snow storm coming we had to go to the store. Usually I avoid Walmart because its just too busy andover stimulating for even me, let alone my sensory un-balanced son. Today was just like ny other insane Walmart day, but we went in anyway. As I put Keegan in the cart, he starts to wimper and I look down and see he slid both of his legs into one leg opening, and got stuck. I slowly start to panic, because I’m so weak I cannot keep him up out of the seat long enough to manuever his leg out without hurting him. Out of no where, an unknown woman came up and helped me get Keegan unstuck, and then tickled his belly through his jacket and said, “There, see? no worries, all better!” I thanked her so much for her help, and had a warm smile for the entire hectic Walmart trip. I never got her name, but she will always be a stranger that gave me the gift of belief in humanity. Moments like these happen far and few between anymore, so thank you thank you thank you sweet woman who didn’t have to help the frantic single mom in the parking lot, but chose to anyway 🙂


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